Utah SNAP Program – Safe New Attitude Program (A Young Driver Safety Course) (Online version)

Give new drivers the “tools” to make better safe driving choices.

  • New online version of classroom SNAP program includes the convenience of taking traffic school online – 4 hour online program for high-risk drivers ages 16-25
  • This Utah online driving course is designed specifically for novice drivers – emphasis on risk taking and similar issues with new drivers such as distractions (texting), alcohol/drug awareness and dangers
  • Focus on the proper driver attitude with an emphasis on better decision making
  • An excellent Utah defensive driving course for specialized youth traffic programs/ parent/insurance company referrals
  • Available in English language

Cost of the course is $39.95

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This state HAS NOT yet approved the NTSI defensive driving program for all users. You must get special permission from this court or insurance company in order to use this program. If you do not have special permission you will be taking the course on a voluntary basis only!

Traffic Survival Workshop Level 1 – ONLINE VERSION

  • 6 hour Defensive Driving Course Online
  • A quality course which NTSI has developed to be an effective alternative to classroom
  • Used for the avoid conviction of a citation (diversion or ticket dismissal), volunteer basis to remove points, receive an insurance discount, as an employer requirement or to satisfy a court order
  • Over 30 years of development and refinement. Researched to be proven and effective in reducing subsequent collisions and/or citations of those attending

Cost of the course is $19.95

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When the circumstances regarding how people drive change, it is important that drivers have the option to attend a defensive driving course that applies to the most current conditions. Young drivers need every opportunity to make the right choices and prevent accidents whenever there is an option. This course will allow them to take the most up-to-date coursework to improve young drivers’ skills and help them meet the requirements for point reduction, insurance referrals or just to reduce their risk when they are behind the wheel.

If you have a young driver in your home, this is the ideal defensive driving course to help them gain the skills that can usually only be gained from experience. Give them the advantage of learning how to make better driving decisions and increase your peace of mind.