NTSI’s Partners

The University of Hawaii and NTSI have entered into an exciting partnership to emphasize the national need for organ donors.  Particularly we have teamed up  to encourage new drivers to “check the box” on their driver license application to become an organ donor.The University’s School of Nursing has developed a program called IDecide. NTSI endorses this effort and is integrating information this important topic in classroom and online programs.
The University has developed two videos (one for parents and one for teens)that may be viewed either through our online courses or also by  clicking here to visit the Idecide Project to become involved.


EIP Michigan– A Michigan based company, dedicated to providing educational programs and counseling services to help court-mandated, state-mandated, employer-referred and self-referred clients. EIP is here to help and believes  that every client is capable of making positive changes.Services we provide include:

  • BDIC Online
  • Court Referred
  • Youth Courses
  • Traffic Safety
  • Anger Awareness
  • Many more…

EIP is here to help and believes  that every client is capable of making positive changes.


Guam Public Safety Educators (GPSE)-is Guam’s premiere safety training organization. GPSE has partnered with National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI) to offer courses specifically designed to improve safety with a focus on all of Guam.Courses offered include court ordered traffic violator classes, fleet and similar corporate training programs (classroom and online) for businesses and governmental organizations and customized courses and consulting.GPSE also offers defensive driving courses which may qualify you for an insurance discount on your personal automobile insurance for your company/ organization’s drivers.Click here to visit our website for more details or call us at 671-989-4773


logo NTSI has recently become a member of the Virginia Coalition for Distraction Free Driving. The purpose of the coalition is to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving on the Virginia roadways. The purpose for NTSI joining the coalition is to be more aware of Virginia state specific issues and to keep our affiliates up to date.

RGB_ESClogo_Stacked NTSI and Empire State College are partnering up to offer Defensive Driving to Students and Alumni

Traffic Safety Coalition Logo TM The National Traffic Safety Institute has entered into partnership with the Traffic Safety Coalition. The Traffic Safety Coalition is committed to traffic safety advocacy and the educational efforts of traffic safety experts, law enforcement, public officials, victims’ advocates, health care professionals and concerned citizens. NTSI values and appreciates these efforts and has join the coalition to provide traffic safety education to assist in making our roads and intersections safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.